Running tracks in and around Kitzbühel


Run with the first sunbeams in the bet, taking in the cool mountain air, feeling the burgeoning energy in him - who has once been infected by running fever, it will not let go. The region around Kitzbühel is almost predestined for running. Grassy mountains, a well-developed network of trails and the excellent infrastructure in terms of hospitality, accommodation and transport support the advantages of the destination. On 12 selective, permanent trail running routes you will find trail runners, from beginners to professionals, an eldorado of possibilities.

The Gamstrails - Discover the variety of running routes around Kitzbühel

The courses distance elevation difficulty Starting point
KARSTWEG 4,4 km 210 hm easy Valley station Kitzbüheler Hornbahnen
GSCHWANDBAUM TRAIL 5,9 km 400 hm easy Valley station Hahnenkammbahn
ALTER SEIDLALM WEG 6,1 km 480 hm easy Valley station Hahnenkammbahn
RECHEGG VARIANTE 4,9 km 900 hm medium Valley station Hahnenkammbahn
STREIF VERTIKAL 5,2 km 900 hm medium Valley station Hahnenkammbahn
LEBENBERGRUNDE 13,3 km 560 hm medium Valley station Hahnenkammbahn
SINTERSBACH TRAIL 13,1 km 760 hm medium Valley station Wagstättbahn Jochberg
TRISTKOGEL VARIANTE 13,9 km 1.200 hm challenging Kelchalmgraben Jochberg
KAISERBLICKWEG 16,8 km 1.000 hm challenging Reith
GEBRA TRAIL 17,4 km 900 hm challenging Top station Bichlalm
SCHOTTINGBERGRUNDE 28 km 1.800 hm challenging Aurach / Alternatively: valley station Bichlalm
HORN-SÜDBERGE TRAIL 31,5 km 2.000 hm challenging Valley station Kitzbüheler Hornbahnen

Kitzbühel offers a special mix of service, comfort, nature and regional gastronomy, which trailrunners love to enjoy. All courses are well prepared and next to nice gastronomy hotspots with typical tyrolean dishes. The starts of most of the tracks are close to the cable car stations to enjoy the way up or down the mountains.