Participation Conditions & Procedur 4th Gamstrail

Organizer: Kitzbühel Tourism
Venue: Kitzbühel / Aurach
Date: September 17th, 2022
Event area: Parkdeck valley station Kitzbüheler Hornbahnen

You can pick up the starter packages: Friday from 3 to 6.30 pm and Saturday from 6.30 to 10 am at the cable car station.

In order to guarantee the safety of the runners, a check of the personal equipment takes place at the start number issue and shortly before the start.

All healthy athletes, who can move safely on trail trails, partly rough terrain and are at least 16 years old, can participate in Gamstrail Kitzbühel 2022. Participants under the age of 18 require the written consent of the legal guardian.

REGISTRATION FEES 2022 until 31.12.2021
The registration fee is
€ 45,00 per participant for 5K or new 10K
€ 55,00 per participant for 22K and 35K
€ 65,00 per participant for 46K
€ 45,00 per participant for marching distance 25K

This is due when you complete the online registration form under Race result. Included in the entry fee is a high-quality starter pack with T-shirt and various vouchers.

The registration is valid as soon as the entry fee in the corresponding amount has been received in the account of the organizer. A refund of the entry fee is not possible.

Should the race be canceled by the organizer for reasons beyond its control, the registration fee will not be refunded.

The protection of our beautiful landscape is important to us, so we promote carpooling and the arrival by train and reward this with a free starting place. This is how it works: register four people with the online form on Race result, send us a message to and you will receive a coupon code for the fifth starting place.

TRACK CHANGES (distance change)
Changing the distance is only possible BEFORE the start of the race and until the time of 07.00 am on Saturday, 17.09.2022, to notify the timekeeper. A track change during the competition is no longer possible.

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT for 22K, 25K, 35K and 46K
• Trail running shoes with a grippy sole
• Functional running clothes
• Light wind rain jacket and rain pants
• Cap and light gloves
• Mobile phone ... here it is recommended to install the emergency app of the Tiroler Bergrettung
• Identity card / health insurance card (e-card)
• Small first aid kit with rescue blanket and bandages
• At least 0.5 liters of drinking liquid
• Drinking cup / soft flask for refill
• Running backpack

The start number must be clearly visible and worn in the original size on the front of the upper body.
The equipment is randomly checked at the start. Failure to comply may result in disqualification or a ban on entry. Allowed are running sticks. Participation in the competition using other sports equipment is not permitted.

Each participant agrees to the registration for a disclaimer, which must be accepted at registration and signed at the start number issue. Every participant starts at his own risk and has to master the technical difficulties in the rough terrain. The conclusion of a private accident and mountain insurance is strongly recommended. The organizer assumes no liability to the participants or a third person. The way owners and path maintainers assume no liability for accidents. The orders of the organization team (mountain rescue, track marshals) must be obeyed.

By registering, the participant agrees that all image and video material from the event may be published without restriction - see also Disclaimer / Privacy Policy.

A short briefing of the participants takes place 15 minutes before the start in the starting area and there is compulsory attendance for each runner.

Premature ending of the race
Should a participant finish the race prematurely, this must be reported immediately to the organizer, a marshal or the rescue service. In case of non-registration, a search of the mountain rescue will be carried out at the expense of the missing person! The designated organizer emergency number is located on the start number and it is recommended to save it on the mobile phone.

Sporting behavior
For the purpose of a smooth running of the race, the organizer assumes a sporting behavior of the participants during the entire competition. Faster participants must be allowed overtaking. Intentional unsportsmanlike behavior is punished according to the seriousness of the offense with time penalties (up to the disqualification).

Disqualification, time penalties
If the given route is left or abbreviated, this invariably leads to disqualification. Likewise, unsporting behavior can lead to time penalties or even disqualification of the participant. Failure to provide assistance to other participants in distress also leads to disqualification.

All participants in the finish and during the race at the designated refreshment stations (Bichlalm, Auracher Hochwildalm) have drinks, energy bars, cakes and fruit at their disposal. There are no cups provided at the refreshment stations by the organizer ... compulsory equipment drinking cups!
There must be no waste thrown away, this must be carried without exception. Unless there are designated waste bins at the Labestation

If you have any further questions regarding the participation process or further details of the event, please feel free to contact We look forward to your participation in the 4th Gamstrail 2022 in Kitzbühel!